4D Cinema Experience

Family cinema that brings you an extra dimension in thrills! Imagine being drawn into an exciting world where everything you see is in 3D, everything you hear is in powerful surround sound and the 4th dimension lets you feel the action as it happens on screen.

Join us for the ultimate 4D Cinema experience and prepare for fun and surprises in our £300k special effects theatre as the motion-simulator floor jiggles and shifts under you, with wind, spray and bubbles blasting you.

With 4D cinema you don’t just watch a movie – you feel like you’re right there in the middle of the story. New for 2015, the Lost World 4D takes you into a whole new world of adventure, forty million years in the making. Fierce Raptors, flying Pterodactyls, giant Triceratops and Stegosaurus, and the mighty T-Rex all roam this hostile world. Join Bob and his unlikely rescuer, Professor Lizzie, as they outrun these terrifying predators. Take a wild jeep ride through dense tropical rainforest and soar above this forgotten island in the flight of your life. “The Lost World” is a comic, fast-paced, entertaining and immersive adventure.

Stay Safe & Have Fun - Download our ride regulations document here.

4D Cinema is a theatre attraction, which shows short films in 4D. The cinema consists of 36 standing spaces and 1 wheelchair space. There is an element of climbing involved as the theatre is tiered. You must be able to stand unassisted as you are leaning against a pad which will also vibrate.

Anyone who suffers with a heart condition, epilepsy (due to lights & effects), back problem or high blood pressure, and pregnant women, are advised not to enter the 4D experience. To get the best of our 4D cinema, the area is compact, so if you have a fear of confined spaces please contact us directly for more info. You must be over 4 years of age and 1 meter in height to enter this ride.

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