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Filling a glass shape with layers of different coloured Alum Bay sand is a long held tradition and many people remember visiting the Isle of Wight as children and filling their very own sand souvenir directly from the beach. In order to protect the cliff for future generations, sadly guests are no longer able to collect their own sands, but you can still create your own unique sand ornaments in the Sand Shop.

The natural multi-coloured sands of Alum Bay have been collected and made into souvenirs since early Victorian times, as recorded by Thomas Brettell in his 'Handbook to the Isle of Wight' printed in 1844. Alum Bay is unique in having 21 recognised shades of colour and gifts made from these were presented to Queen Victoria in 1860, which began a very special souvenir tradition that still enthrals visitors today.

Why not come and take part in this age old tradition? You can choose from a variety of glass or plastic shapes to fill yourself with the 21* shades of Alum Bay Sand or you can buy a ready filled item with handcrafted designs created by our very own sand expert. These colourful items make a wonderful reminder of your holiday on the Isle of Wight but equally are a fantastic and unique gift for someone special.

*Due to our environmental policy of only collecting sand from natural cliff falls there may not always be 21 shades of sand available.

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